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Beginner Classes

Yoga for Beginners
No matter what style of yoga you are interested in, this class will give you a great foundation to develop a fun and safe yoga practice. This class focuses on fundamental alignment and teaches students how to get the most out of each pose.  Through the course of the class, we will go into detail on one or two postures enabling you to build a strong practice over time.

Therapeutic Yoga Classes

Gentle Yoga
Gentle Yoga combines warm-ups, gentle and restorative postures, yogic breathing, and guided deep relaxation to reduce stress and increase movement and vitality. Designed for students who prefer a class less vigorous yoga class and  is ideal for students experiencing illness, injury, or chronic pain.

Restorative Yoga
Rest is a key component of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Our busy world seldom affords us the time to relax and renew ourselves. Restorative yoga can be just as nourishing to the body as deep sleep. In this class you will relax into nourishing yoga poses with the help of blankets, pillows and your instructor’s loving hands. This class will leave you feeling open, relaxed and refreshed. Highly recommended for people with busy lifestyles, and those dealing with life changes and special health needs.

Less Stress Yoga
Shutting off our awareness of our own bodies is a common way people cope with extreme stress. When offered in a gentle and nurturing way, yoga can help us to come back into awareness of the body and progress toward healing from stress and trauma. Poses are introduced in a clear way with many choices given for your personal comfort, and there is a strong focus on breathing. Those with physical injuries or who are healing from stressful situations or events can benefit greatly from Less Stress Yoga.

Thai Yoga
A therapeutic form of yoga and touch therapy that helps you go deeply into your poses with the support and guidance of a trained contact yoga therapist. In Thai Yoga, the therapist maintains contact for the whole session, alternately moving your body into easeful stretches and stimulating your body’s natural lines of energy to promote balance and healing. Similar to a fully-clothed massage, the session will leave you relaxed and open to the goodness of your own life.

Flow Classes

Intermediate/Advanced Practice
A class designed to challenge the seasoned practitioner, this class intensely and playfully explores more intermediate and advanced variations of hatha yoga postures, including binds, inversions, arm balances, and backbends.  In addition, the longer format of this class allows ample time for inspiring philosophical discussion, breathwork, and meditation.

Alignment Based Vinyasa
This Vinyasa class explores universal, biomechanical principles of alignment within the context of a flow class so that you can  move deeper into your asana practice, and  keep your body healthy. Like other Vinyasa classes, it will be detoxifying, strengthening, and challenging while focusing on linking the breath with movement. Come learn more intimately how yoga works in your body and take your Vinyasa flow practice to the next level.

A vigorous flow of yoga poses, choreographed to open your mind, heart and hips, Jivamukti yoga sessions bring physical strength and flexibility while uplifting the spirit. The sanskrit word Jivamukti alludes to a life of liberation. Jivamukti yoga helps us to use all of our body’s physical senses to tap into the deeper truths within.

Alignment-Based Hatha Flow
Combining universal, biodynamic principles of alignment with life-affirming Tantric philosophy, this class will link hatha yoga postures with the breath in a series of creative sequences that will challenge and inspire you.  Classes will also include breathwork, concentration, and basic meditation.

Active Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga uses postures (asana) and conscious breathing (Pranayama) to cultivate awareness, strength, flexibility, and relaxation. Through proper alignment and mindful actions of the body, Hatha Yoga brings balance, strength, and a deep sense of well-being to the practitioner.

Forrest Yoga with Sonya
The environment of  Sonya’s classes is one of nurturance, acceptance, and fun! Classes are designed to be engaging, challenging to your appropriate level, and safe. Within a class you can expect to improve your breath power and flexibility while gaining strength. Sonya’s objective is to bring your body to life so you leave class feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ever so grateful to be alive!

Specialty Classes

Prenatal Yoga
During a Prenatal Yoga class, women deepen their connection to their own bodies and their growing babies, finding greater ease as they navigate the rapid and unfamiliar changes of pregnancy. Through a yoga practice, they can learn to trust the body’s innate wisdom for birth. Women also connect with their hearts and minds as they settle into the calm stillness of the meditative practice.  And in the sacred community of a prenatal yoga class, women connect with each other, in space of trust, respect, and camaraderie.  In such an environment, women gather, laugh, share stories, and speak freely about issues and concerns that non-pregnant friends and family can’t understand.

As a doula, Kristin brings a unique level of knowledge and experience to prenatal yoga classes.  My prenatal yoga classes combine an alignment-based yoga practice, meditation, breathwork, and deep relaxation with informative and supportive group discussions.

Postnatal Yoga
Postnatal Yoga invites you to relax, celebrate, and commiserate with other new moms in supportive environment.  We will explore a yoga practice that focuses on recuperation and toning after birth, stretching and strengthening the upper body for nursing, lifting, and carrying your baby, and integrating mind/body awareness for stress reduction and the cultivation of joy.

Throughout the classes, different topics will be explored, including mindful parenting, adjusting to your new life, taking care of yourself and baby, and more.  At a time when you feel that everything is changing all too quickly, this class provides a safe, stable place where you can connect, share stories, and find the support your need on your journey as a parent.

Principle-Based Partner Yoga
“Because of partner yoga’s creative and evolving nature, it is important that it be understood and experienced from principles rather than from postures.  When we practice from postures alone, the practice is confined to form.  When we practice from principles, we create a living metaphor for seeing ourselves in relationship.  The greatest benefit to our growth and awareness comes from our willingness to see ourselves in the honest reflection of others.”

-taken from  ‘The Pleasures and Principles of Partner Yoga’ written by Elysabeth Williamson, founder and creator of Principle-Based Partner Yoga.

Come with or without a partner and prepare to have fun and experience yourself in a brand new way!

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