The Experience



I decided to take the OM practice teacher training to deepen my personal yoga practice with the possible idea that i would add yoga teaching into my professional work. What i got out of it and learn over the six month program was so much more than i expected. The week intensive at the beginning was an amazing way to get in touch with how my body moves and learn about the anatomy of the yoga poses and where i hold tension. It gave me tools for release and relaxing into those tense places in my body and open up to new possibilities; physically and mentally. Throughout the 6 month program i was able to build on those skills and use them with support from my fellow teacher trainees and teachers to advance my personal yoga practice and move through some challenges in my life with more fluidity and consciousness than i was previously able.

The skills i was taught and the openness i found through the OM Practice has showed me how to gently bring myself out of my head and back into my body when my anxiety and discouragement show themselves in my life. I believe the OM Practice, specifically, has helped me with this as a physical yoga practice that my body’s muscle memory has stored, so much so, that when i step onto my mat, i am able to move through the asanas with ease. This in turn facilitates the ability to see where my body is holding on that particular day and gave me the confidence to breath into and through that tightness and resistance to find release and relaxation on the other side.

When i was researching which yoga teacher trainings to take, the thought of a 30 day training in a tropical location sounded amazing. However, I decided upon the OM Practice in particular because of the ability it allows to get hands on practice and support then return to daily life for a couple of weeks. Allowing time to integrate and put into action what i had learned. Then return to our supportive group to process, adjust aspects that were not working, get feed back and more hands on support, learn new and different aspects of yoga and reenter life for a few more weeks. This process allows time for trial and error and to build personal habits with a group checking in and at time holding you accountable.



Hi my name is Pedro and i wanted to share my testimonial with everyone who reads this:  I took Dana Shamas YTT program because I wanted to learn more about the yoga lifestyle. Honestly I thought yoga was when I went to a studio for a hour and did poses I didn’t know anything about. But I was soooo wrong its a life changing experience its a way of becoming whole. I’ve learned how to become more compassionate with all beings in life. To be kind, to know who important it is to take care of your body, mind, and spirit. The great thing about this program is if you can commit to the whole program Dana has an AMAZING 6 day intensive class that will kick off your new year in the right direction for change. Dana is an AMAZING teacher who has a beautiful soul with a beautiful gift.  Who listens and answers all of your questions. I would recommend this program to anyone. YOU won’t regret it and you will see a difference.



Why I decided to take the week long yoga intensive and the teacher’s training:

I had been searching the internet for yoga conferences and workshops for the past couple of years. I thought about going on vacation to California or Sedona, Arizona and taking a workshop. I was excited that Bayou Bliss offered the week long intensive because I knew I would get excellent training from Dana Shamas, a yoga instructor whom I have respected and trusted for several years. The bonus for me was I did not have to travel across the country for the intensive and yoga teacher’s training.

What started off as a New Years resolution to exercise and eat more health consciously became much more. The ayurvedic meals were amazing. The asana practice was challenging for me, but towards the end of the first week my strength improved as well as my motivation. For me the home asana practice has been the most challenging, but I am persevering.

I enjoyed learning about different types of meditation practices and breathing exercises which have helped me in my daily life. I am much more calm and more focused at work and at home.
I loved this course and I recommend the Om Practice week long intensive and yoga teacher’s training without reservations! In fact I wish I could do the week long intensive annually! It is an excellent reboot!

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