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Stephanie ThomasWhat I teach: Restorative Yoga, Resilience Meditation

Favorite Yoga Music: Krishna Das. Also, Rising Appalachia and Lydia Violet, who each bring a sense of open heartedness to their music

Recommend Yoga Read: Stephen Mitchell’s translation of the Bhagavad Gita really did it for me. And from the Buddhist side, anything by Pema Chödron. She conveys wisdom and compassionate with great clarity. The first book I read of hers was When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone in the depths of life challenges.

First Yoga Class or Meditation: In high school, my best friend’s dad taught us a couple of yoga poses – downward dog and plank. We were planking at band camp before it was even cool. I took a few classes, read a few books, and grew more serious about yoga while living in Dallas recovering from a chronic illness. Yoga helped me to learn to be more present, to love my body more deeply, and to honor its wisdom.

Biggest Source of Inspiration: once heard someone say: “Everything is figureoutable.” Even when things get tough, this quote helps me move forward.

Yoga/Meditation Bucket List: I value any opportunity to practice, and I love multi-day retreats where mundane life can be put on hold so that I can focus on reconnecting with my body and breath.

Bio: Stephanie believes in the powerful connection between physical movement, meditation, and well-being. Stephanie has taught meditation since 2010, employing techniques from a variety of traditions and styles. Stephanie’s meditation classes are designed to relieve stress, increase joy, and bring out the body’s natural capacity for healing. She firmly believes that meditation is a beneficial habit that can be cultivated by learning strategies, developing a regular practice, and receiving encouragement and support from a nurturing community. In 2011, Stephanie trained as a 200-hr Certified Yoga Instructor with Lex Gillian at the Yoga Institue and as a BodyHoops Hoopdance Instructor, and was certified by Upaya Zen Center as a Buddhist Chaplain in 2015.