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Sonya Nelson

Teaches: Energy Healing, Yoga

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Sonya believes that life is meant to be felt and enjoyed! It is her intention to walk through life with all of the energy and physical stamina needed to live joyfully; with a mind that is clear and peaceful so she may live in the present moment; and with a heart that is open thus allowing her to stay in deep connection with her Self and to make heart-felt contact with those around her.

Her personal journey has shown her that all lasting transformation begins from within. The energy healing she offers you emphasizes the need to befriend yourself and become your own best ally. Sonya helps you connect to your body so you can feel what’s happening internally both physically and emotionally. She teaches the tools necessary to begin within creating lasting change for vibrant living! She is trained in Brennan Healing Science from the four-year program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Miami, Florida.

Sonya is also a skilled and compassionate yoga instructor teaching Forrest Yoga. She creates an environment of nurturance, acceptance, and fun! Classes are designed to be engaging, challenging to your appropriate level, and safe. Within a class you can expect to improve your breath power and flexibility while gaining strength. The objective is to bring your body to life so you leave class feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ever so grateful to be alive!