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Michael TroianoMike’s journey to yoga started in 2006 while attending graduate school after completing a rigorous undergraduate program at a military academy. Yoga was presented as an opportunity to ground himself during the transition from a rigid military schedule to civilian life, a shift that caused great internal and external struggle for him. He started taking Satyananda yoga classes at a local yoga studio for over a year before embarking on a 5-year journey that took him sailing the mighty seas and traveling around the world, fitting in yoga and meditation practices while in the middle of the Earth’s oceans. During downtimes between trips and voyages, Mike further expanded his practice with the Hatha style taught at the The Yoga Institute, eventually earning his RYT-200 certification.

Mike’s classes are a culmination of lessons learned from his favorite teachers throughout the Houston yoga community with strong emphasis on mind-body-breath connection, encouraging students to stay within and be in touch with their own bodies and function from that space. The use of props in class is also highly recommended as they offer the support to safely go through poses.

In his spare time, Mike is a Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy reserves, serving primarily in the Middle East during annual trainings. He also enjoys cycling, kayaking, traveling, and (of course) taking yoga classes to further deepen his practice.

Class Description: Friday Evening Gentle Flow (1 hour 15 minutes) – this practice incorporates breathing exercises, meditation, and a series of gentle flow poses to release the accumulated stresses from the work week.