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Madelyn StrubeltTeaches: Yin Yoga Sundays at 10 am

Favorite Yoga Music: Instrumental

Recommend Yoga Read: Inner Quest by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait dives into many of the deep esoteric questions of yoga which really helped to prompt how I see my personal practice and myself.

First Yoga Class or Meditation:  Buddhist temple in Taiwan 2010

Biggest Source of Inspiration: My biggest source of inspiration is my daily life. Why do I favor one side? Why does my breath change in this shape? Can I do this with my eyes closed? I try my best to manifest movement from having a conversation with my body about what it really needs. Not chasing sensation but balance.

Yoga/Meditation Bucket List: Expand my meditation and art program, a close second would be another international (wireless) yoga retreat.

Bio: My first introduction to yoga was during a meditation retreat in Taiwan. I had no idea I was in for an introspective journey that would last a lifetime! I’ve practiced asana for over eight years but recently deepened my understanding and practice of yoga. I received my 200HR RYT certification from Svasta Yoga School in March 2015, studying under Rhia Robinson and Stacey Ramsower. Since developing my teaching style, I fell in love with the grounding effects of Yin Yoga and received my Yin Yoga Certification in October 2017. I am curious about breath and how it relates to the subtle body so my classes will include some form of pranayama or breathwork and meditation. I also have a strong background in visual art and teach a monthly program at the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston. Entitled ‘Mindful Observation’, this program encompasses a meditation practice followed by art observation and discussion. I hope to share with my students the same feeling of grounding and safety I receive from my practice, if not today, maybe tomorrow. Namaste.