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Jamie SextonTeaches: The OM Practice Flow Mon & Wed 6:15 pm/ Levy Park Sun 10 am & Yoga for Beginners

Favorite Yoga Music: Instrumental – Electronic, Down tempo Chill, Hang drum and Mantra inspired

Recommend Yoga Read: The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali

First Yoga Class or Meditation: February 2010 Hatha yoga class. I distinctly remember Savasana, after barely making it through the heated class it was when we all lied down in our final asana I began to understand myself more deeply and how Yoga changes lives. The gratitude in my heart became greater than every other thought or dis-ease I had prior to class.

Biggest Source of Inspiration: Nature and Traveling – Walking barefoot outside among the trees and wildlife.

Yoga/Meditation Bucket List: Kids Yoga Teacher certification & Yoga Nidra certification

Bio: Jamie, teaches The Om Practice a structured flow class for all levels. Jamie believes yoga is a practice to create a union of body, movement, and breath. Offering a supportive space that truly focuses on body awareness and breath for you to grow and live a more blissful life!