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Iris Torres“My journey as a yoga teacher began while I was volunteering at a Day shelter for the homeless. When the certified yoga teachers could not show up I would step in. After some time teaching classes a student reported what he learned when he took my classes helped him connect to feeling his body while he pushed his cart down the streets of downtown Houston. Learning how to breathe and feel his body gave him the courage and desire to change his life and reintegrate into larger society. That’s where my curiosity and passion for teaching began. As a practitioner I have enjoyed over a decade of study and practice rehabilitating and relieving my own chronic pain and injuries. I have also built a functional foundation for mobility and strength that will help me move and feel better in the future. I’m looking forward to sharing the tools that have helped me and could help you feel better in your body.”

When I’m not teaching or practicing yoga I love to deepen my understanding of meditation, philosophy, and mysticism. I also love to spend time in nature practicing presence, exploring art and the many cultural offerings Houston has to offer. I also love to cook mindful plant based meals.

I regularly take time to dance various social Latin dance genres, Salsa and Bachata being the best known of these. I feel like dance besides being fun helps keep my Latin heritage alive for me.

Remaining active is important to me so you may run into me at a Pilates, barre, or spin class, and possibly moving a weight or two around”

Favorite yoga music: I enjoy teaching to many genres of international music, ghetto Zouk, Alaskan Tapes, Billie Ellish, to miracle tones healing frequency. I like to vary the music I use for yoga depending on the intention and intensity of the class.

Recommended yoga read: the Journey Home by Radhanath Swami. Some books shift consciousness or awareness just by reading them and I’ve had my own magical experience with this book.

First yoga class: at a local YMCA when I was 14 years old and didn’t even know what yoga was.

Biggest source of inspiration: are my students. I’ve been lucky to witness students who overcome everything from injuries, addictions, emotional issues, and noticeably over time are more emotionally stable, grounded, and empowered.

Yoga/meditation bucket list: meet the Dalai Lama