Dana Shamas

Founder of Bayou Bliss Yoga

Favorite Yoga Music:  Jonathan Goldman

Recommend Yoga Read: Nada Yoga, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati

First Yoga Class or Meditation:  College Yoga Class

Biggest Source of Inspiration: Nature

Yoga/Meditation Bucket List: Lead Yoga Retreat outside the country

Bio: Dana’s passion for health and well being comes from the heart—deep in the heart of Texas! Her work as a certified practitioner in biofield tuning brings structure and form to the power of healing vibration that is available to all beings. As a breathwork facilitator, Reiki master, crystal bowl musician, and Jivamukti yoga teacher, Dana understands how complementary tools in the healing arts can facilitate a profound and lasting transformation. With her generous spirit and open nature, she creates a safe and nurturing environment in which her clients can explore, release, receive, and heal.

Dana’s previous work in the world of business and finance gives her a unique perspective on the challenges we face day to day, and how elusive a sense of wholeness and harmony can be. Dana knows that harmony within ourselves gives us the capacity to create a more harmonious life. She is dedicated to helping people find a deeper connection to their higher selves so that they may fully express who they are—and what they are meant to do.