A Summer of Biofield Tuning

For those of you who do not know, I have been training and recently completed the work of Biofield Tuning and I am very excited to share it with the Bayou Bliss Community.

Haven’t heard of Biofield Tuning?  Or you have heard it spoken before but want to know what a Biofield is, or what tuning is? Click here and it is given in some more detail about what it is and what to expect during a session.

All of us have had an experience when sound and vibration shifted your mood or frame of mind – a song on the radio that lifted you out of a grumpy mood, the sound of the St. Thomas bells bringing a moment of peace and ease into a chaotic afternoon, or listening to the crystal bowl concert at the Rothko Chapel opening your outlook for the New Year.

Biofield Tuning takes the transformative power of sound and vibration to a new level of healing. Through 20 years of clinical practice Eileen Day McKusick developed Biofield Tuning. The method uses tuning forks both on the body and in the energetic field to effectively bring you more harmony and coherence – bring more balance to your bioenergtic field.

“As within, so without.”

The coherence and harmony of your body and bioenergtic field is reflected in the world around you. If you feel chaotic, out of balance, or stuck, then most likely your bioenergetic field has chaos in it, is out of balance and has lots of stuck energy in it. Biofield tuning is very effective at bringing more balance, and cohesive flow to your bioenergtic field. That means it is easier for you to relax, feel more at ease, for you to experience less pain, less chaos, and more freedom. It becomes easier to start and maintain health choices and habits in your life. Let’s face it, most of us want more harmony and coherence in our lives. That means you need to create more harmony and coherence in your body, mind, and spirit or in scientific words, your bioenergtic field. Personally, I really enjoy giving and receiving Biofield Tuning and clients have experienced wonderful results.

In addition to being very relaxing, Biofield Tuning can help address a number of issues that are common:

– fibormyagia
– anxiety/fear/panic
– headaches/migraines
– depression
– adrenal stress
– menstrual issues
– grief
– pain
– fatigue
– stuckness
– life and career transition

Biofield Tuning is quite exciting and more encompassing than the short explanation above. There are some great resources that give you a deeper understanding of the method.  Eileen has written a book that outlines the method and theory in detail Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy.  And of course there is the Biofield Tuning website. Eileen also has tons of videos on YouTube about this topic for those of you who are interested in actually seeing the process.

The best part about this post is that I want to encourage you all who are even the slight bit curious about Biofield Tuning is to offer you a special summer package!! You have from now, until July 5th to purchase 3 sessions for only $250 (these sessions must be used by Sept 1st). clicktopurchase

As always if you have any questions about Biofield Tuning, Integrative Healing, or anything at all please e-mail me at info@bayoublissyoga.com I am so passionate and excited to share this with you!

Love and Light,

Dana Shamas