Tues - Fri 9am-7:30pm | Sat 9am-3pm | Sun 10am-5pm | Mon At Class Times
Tues - Fri 9am-7:30pm | Sat 9am-3pm | Sun 10am-5pm | Mon At Class Times


Yomassage combines the benefits of restorative yoga, hands-on massage and mindfulness for the ultimate self-care and relaxation experience.

Allow your body to melt into restorative postures and receive hands-on massage from a licensed massage therapist and hands-on assists or reflexology from an additional yoga instructor.

Because there are two teachers, you will receive massage and assists in every pose.

This workshop is 1.5 hours long and has a limit of 8 students in each class.

Friday, May 17th  7-8:30 pm

Investment: $50


Warren found yoga in fall 2006 when he was experiencing a lot of suffering through trauma, pain, anxiety and depression. His very first public yoga class was a 90 minute hot yoga sequenced class where he gladly survived and soon learned that room temperature yoga classes also existed. In 2012 he discovered Ayurveda and mantra meditation. Aside from the knowledge he gained, it was the experience that he fell in love with.

Warren holds an associate’s degree in culinary arts. In 2002 he became a licensed massage therapist and currently has a private practice in which he specializes in Ayurvedic therapies and trigger point therapy for pain management. He was drawn to teach yoga by the sense of connection and gratitude he felt in his own practice.

Aiming to share the practice of yoga with others, Warren completed his 200-level yoga teacher training in January 2015. He is trained in Baptiste-inspired power vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative yoga. Recently, Warren completed his 500-level yoga training specializing in yoga therapy in practice. Warren is currently enrolled at an accredited IAYT yoga therapy program and is a yoga therapy intern.

Warren’s classes offer a welcoming space to become present, find a sense of balance, and a capacity to relinquish and let go. The use of props is encouraged, and support and modifications are offered to those experiencing limited mobility. His primary goal is to share the practice in a way that is accessible to all: to meet people where they are, as they are.


My first introduction to yoga was during a meditation retreat in Taiwan. I had no idea I was in for an introspective journey that would last a lifetime! I’ve practiced asana for over eight years but recently deepened my understanding and practice of yoga. I received my 200HR RYT certification from Svasta Yoga School in March 2015, studying under Rhia Robinson and Stacey Ramsower. Since developing my teaching style, I fell in love with the grounding effects of Yin Yoga and received my Yin Yoga Certification in October 2017. I am curious about breath and how it relates to the subtle body so my classes will include some form of pranayama or breathwork and meditation. I also have a strong background in visual art and teach a monthly program at the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston. Entitled ‘Mindful Observation’, this program encompasses a meditation practice followed by art observation and discussion. I hope to share with my students the same feeling of grounding and safety I receive from my practice, if not today, maybe tomorrow. Namaste.

808 W Main St., Houston, TX 77006