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Tues - Fri 9am-7:30pm | Sat 9am-3pm | Sun 10am-5pm | Mon At Class Times

I have heard the same from several of you over the last few months – this year has been really intense so far! My favorite remark is “2019 has kicked my ass so far this year and it is only March!” Know that you are not alone. 🙂

Each season I am amazed by how much my garden teaches me. This past winter I witnessed several old patterns come up in myself and in others. Patterns so old I thought they had disappeared, or really hoped they had disappeared.

This weekend, I got to spend a whole luxurious day in my garden. And let me tell you there was work that needed to be done. Weeds, weeds and more weeds. As I sat down, so many negative thoughts swarmed into my head about my garden and everything I was stressing about on my to-do list. In that moment, I struggled getting past what was right in front of me. When I took a step back, I could see the truth, we have this beautiful garden full of life and there will always be weeds creeping in. All I needed to do was tend to these weeds with care and pull them from my garden, shake the soil from the roots and add them to my compost bin to flow back into the circle of life. Within 15 minutes there was this perfect area of loose and fertile soil ready for new seeds to be planted. Remarkably I noticed my mind was also free, clear and ready to fully enjoy the rest of my endeavor.

Negative thoughts are much like weeds in a garden. This is the Truth – if you have fertile soil you will have weeds. If you have an active bright mind, you will have negative thoughts. And like weeds in a garden, negative thoughts take up space in your head, they take energy and resources away from what you really want, away from your purpose and essence. With regular and thoughtful attention, weeds can be easily managed – and resources they were using can be freed up and recycled. The same is true of our mind, with regular and thoughtful attention, negative thoughts can be managed, creating more space and freedom in your mind and being to plant and nurture the seeds you want to grow!

A personal energy reset day is a great way to see where your energy is going, what is growing and listen to your inner knowing to help guide you to flows of energies and actions that are better aligned with what you want and LOVE in life. How do YOU tend to your mind?

Bayou Bliss is hosting a Personal Energy Reset Day to help you step back from the business of life and reflect – what is my body saying to me? How is my energy being spent? What is manifesting in my life? Is it in harmony with my intentions, my purpose and my desires? What needs to shift so that I am spending more of my personal energy to create the life I REALLY intend to have?

We are taking just 5 hours out of the weekend on April 6th to focus on some serious self care. Join Dana in a bit of spring cleaning of the soul with reflective yoga practice, meditation, breathwork and journaling to work out where our energies lie and what needs to be refocused coming into the 2nd quarter of the year.

Email for booking and bring along your journal, art supplies, blankets, pillows and anything else you need for a half day of focusing on your mental and physical wellness.

808 W Main St., Houston, TX 77006