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Learn to Use Your Breath

It seems so simple – breathing is the most natural function and our bodies do it automatically – so why do we forget how to do it?

Breathing is the easiest aspect for the nervous system to control. The way you breathe strongly affects the chemical and physiological responses in your body. Correct breathing techniques affect the amount of energy released into the rest of our cells. When you breathe properly and fully, you are releasing more energy, influencing your nervous system and changing the way your body responds to stress.

Using these specific breathing techniques allows you to use your breath as a powerful tool to help you have more ease, peace and presence in your life. Join me for an afternoon workshop designed to give you a beginning foundation in your own breath practice.

We will learn:

– Physical basics of breath
– How breath works on your emotional and energetic bodies
– How to use breath as tool in your life for dealing with anxiety and emotional overwhelm
– Integrating breath into your daily life to support balance

Sunday, March 29 | 1 – 4 PM
Investment: $50


You will need Zoom to participate in this workshop. Spotify is also recommended. Links to Zoom and Spotify playlists will be sent 12 hrs before the workshop. If you sign up within the 12 hrs of class starting please email me at dana@bayoublissyoga.com so I know to send the links to you. Thank you!