Tues - Fri 9am-7:30pm | Sat 9am-3pm | Sun 10am-5pm | Mon At Class Times
Tues - Fri 9am-7:30pm | Sat 9am-3pm | Sun 10am-5pm | Mon At Class Times

The Spring program Commit to Connection was very powerful and participants got a lot out of it. So I am put together a Fall/Winter Program…Aug through Jan.

We will be focused on seeing what has bloomed in your life this year, is it what you want, clearing and composting and then setting intentions for the year to come in fertile soil. The program is one afternoon a month where you take time to step away from day to day life, listen to your body, reflect on the month or months past, intentionally clear out what is no longer serving you and realign/reconnect with your intuition, and conscious intentions.  It is only 6 hours once a month I really encourage you to take the time to nurture yourself and reflect.

Program Format
Your will receive new moon practices and prompts to set intentions
We will come together on a Saturday close to the full moon (harvest and reflection) from 1-7pm
Saturdays will consist of a reflective yoga class (slow flow, long holds and lots of journaling), reflective exercises, meditation and coaching and full breath session.

Proposed Dates all near Full Moons – Final dates will be decided by the group.
Aug 25
Sept 29
Oct 20 or 27
Nov 17 or 24
Dec 22 or 29
Jan 19

It is really going to be a great program and set you up to have a fantastic end to 2018 and wonderful start to 2019.

Investment: $950 for all six months, $175/month if paid autopay monthly – it is a full 6 month commitment.

I Am Interested!
808 W Main St., Houston, TX 77006