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Join us for a deep dive into the energetic space of BHAKTI, the yogic practice of devotion and selfless service to the divine principle of unconditional LOVE!

In this 6 hour intensive, we will talk about the history of Bhakti Yoga, including its roots in the Bhagavad Gita and the singing revolution initiated in India by Chaitanya that gave birth to modern, global Bhakti culture. Along the way we will investigate Narada’s Bhakti Sutras (one of the foundational texts on the Indian concept of devotion), experience the inspired poetry of Adi Shankaracharya from the 9th century and Rabindranath Tagore from the 20th century, and participate in lots and lots of kirtan!

Our journey will be based on the Panchabhava Bhakti system that expresses the power of five different varieties of devotion: the divine as supreme being, the divine as master, the divine as friend, the divine as child, and finally the divine as lover. Within each of the bhavas we will connect to different deities through chants, stories and sacred ceremonies.

Date: Oct 12th

Time: 11 am to 6 pm

$144 at the door,
$108 advance registration until September 12

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About Ian Boccio:

Based in Atlanta, Georgia (USA), Ian Boccio is fully absorbed in his mission to facilitate the consciousness expansion of humanity as a whole. He has been the chant leader, composer, and business manager for the mantra music ensembles Blue Spirit Wheel and Bhakti Messenger, and now is stepping out as a solo artist who tours around the U.S. bringing bhakti and mantra experiences into diverse communities.

Ian has collaborated with many yoga teachers to create ?sana classes that feature live music and mantra chanting. In 2010, Ian was one of the founders and is currently the Creative Director of ChantLanta, a charity organization that creates awareness of chanting and yoga practices through the annual ChantLanta Sacred Music Festival. ChantLanta supports both local and international nonprofit organizations, encouraging people to give their time and/or money to help others in a spirit of seva.

As a m?ntrika, Ian is constantly active in promoting the benefits of mantra repetition, both on a personal level and for the world as a whole. He facilitates weekly chanting circles in Atlanta and travels throughout the U.S. teaching the weekend Mantra Chant Intensives. He has also been called upon to lecture and teach on Sanskrit, mantra and chanting for Yoga Teacher Trainings. Most importantly, Ian continues to work on himself, further refining his own energy through his personal mantra practice, to become an ever more transparent vehicle for the Divine Grace that brought him here.