Yoga Teacher Training Summer/Fall 2018


Teacher Training – The OM Practice

Part 1 – 6 day Intensive –  TBD

Part 2 – Going Deeper – 2 Sundays a month plus 1 three day weekend Summer/Fall 2018

Part 1 can be taken as a stand alone intensive. It is a wonderful way to reconnect, recharge and cultivate a personal practice. It is designed to teach you The OM Practice so that you can practice at home or in studio.  In addition, it provides a spring board for starting a sitting mediation or mantra practice and gives you a wonderful dive into yoga philosophy.

Part 2 is intended to support participants in developing a deep home practice, cultivating the skills and awarness to guide others through a yoga practice and provides the opportunity to learn to speak your Truth from a connected and grounded place with confidence and easy.

At Bayou Bliss we have put together a 6 month long training that will allow you to

  • Develop a deep personal yoga and meditation practice
  • Learn the foundations of a lifelong yoga practice including
    • Physical anatomy of yoga asana
    • Energetic underpinnings of a yoga practice including in depth understand of the subtle bodies, energetic anatomy of yoga asana and sequencing
    • Mastery of one yoga sequence including modifications and adjustments
    • Yoga Nidra
    • Yogic Philosophy
    • Foundational sanskrit
    • Use of mantra in a yogic practice
    • Pranayama and Kriyas
    • Basic Ayurvedic concepts

The goal of this training is that you will have such a deep understanding of these topics it will become easy to share them with others in a yoga class as a yoga teacher or in daily life.

  • Gain understanding, experience and confidence in offering amazing hands on assists
  • Culitative a deeper connection to your authentic self and true voice so that teaching yoga or simply expressing your truth becomes easy and effortless.

This training qualifies for Yoga Alliance 200 Teacher Training and will certify you to teach The OM Practice.

Yoga Teacher Training – The OM Practice  has two parts.

Part One – Intensive Immersion

This six day immersion will give you a fresh start for a new cycle. Six days immersed in yoga practice, yoga philosophy, yogic diet and more. You will finish the week with a deep understanding of a yogic practice.

Summer Session – Dates TBD,  7am-7pm at Bayou Bliss Yoga


*includes breakfast and lunch

Part Two – Going Deeper

2 Sundays a month plus 1 three day weekend

With the foundation in place , the Saturday sessions together will allow us to dive deeper into a variety of topics including hands on assists, Thai Yoga, Sanskrit and much more.  

Summer/Fall Session 

Sundays – 9am-7pm – Dates TBD

Student Teaching required –  5 days TBD, 6-7:30am 

Graduation Day – TBD 10-3pm


*includes lunch each day

Part 1 and 2 need to be completed within two years to qualify for certification.  However the parts can be taken at different times. Payment Plans are available.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email with questions

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