Sept – Cultivating Presence with Dana Shamas

Cultivating Presence

10 weeks online or in person 

Every Wednesday September 13-November 16

Be Present seems to be a popular phase in modern yogi worlds. But with FB, Instagram and busy lives, actually being present seems illusive.

During this ten week program Dana will support through the process that Michael Brown lays out in his book The Presence Process.  While intense this process yields results and understanding. More over you will learn to use your breath as a tool to cultivate presence in your daily life.

The number one obstacle I hear from clients about engaging in this program in the past was the physicality of getting to the bungalow ten weeks in a row. I am hoping that the online format will support more people.

A little bit about The Presence Process.

It is not a process of “doings”. It is about embracing not-doing in order to effortlessly undo what stands between us and an experience of pure Being. …this Process empowers us to now use our thought processes in a manner that serves us….to consciously begin perceiving the world as it is unfolding right now.” ”We have heard ourselves and others repeatedly say: ‘I do not know why this keeps happening to me.’ OR ‘Why does this keep happening over and over again?’ Our journey through The Presence Process will help us realize that when we make statements or ask questions such as these, we are not actually talking about a physical event, but about our feelings towards or in reaction to the re-occurring emotional cycles in our life. It is the unintegrated emotional content of our life experience that constantly repeats and causes us to manifest mental and physical imbalance” Michael Brown


The sessions will consist of a 1 hr discussion around the work of the Presence Process that week followed by a 1 hr facilitated breath session – all done remotely via Zoom. Local Houston participants do have the option of showing up at the bungalow in person.  The 10 weeks will align with the 10 week process that Michael Brown outlines in his books The Presence Process. Please read the book fully before Sept 13th.


Participants will need the book – The Presence Process by Michael Brown. You are welcome to participate via phone or online with We also suggest that participants have access to Spotify so breath practice play lists can be easily shared.

Date:Every Wednesday Sept 13 – Nov 16th
Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm
Investment: $750, $600 if purchased by Sept 1

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