Learn to use your Breath

April 2018
Have you been curious about the Breath Practice we do here at Bayou Bliss? Have you been to one or two sessions and want to learn more? Do emotions often overwhelm you? OR are your reactions out of proportion to the situation at hand? Would you like to have more presence, peace and ease in your life

Join me for a breath practice series in March. This series is designed to give you a beginning foundation in your own breath practice. We will learn
– physical basics of breath
– how breath works on your emotional and energetic bodies
– how to use breath as tool in your life for dealing with anxiety and emotional overwhelm
– integrating breath into your daily life to support balance and ease

Sundays 1-3:30pm (April 8, 15 and 22nd)

Paid in Full by April 6 – $300
Paid by April 8 – $375

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