Commit to Connection

So often we set intentions and resolutions with the start of the new year….however we loose connection, focus and attention. We get caught in old patterns, we get stuck in daily grind, we get sucked into other people’s visions and chaos. This program is a commitment to yourself to take ½ day once a month for the next six months to connect back to you, your body, your energy, you intentions, your vision of life. I will provide the tools, the space and support to take a look at where you are, what is working, what isn’t, what needs to shift and change so that you are more aligned with your intention and vision of life.


My intention is to work with an intimate group over the course of six months to support them in learning how to focus their energy and attention to create a life they want fullest vision of themselves. We will use slow reflective yoga, meditation, journaling, introspective exercises and an integrative breath practice. Participates will be given tools each month to take home and practice.


Saturdays 1-7pm

Jan 13, Feb 17, March 17, April 14, May 12, June 9

Paid in Full by Jan 10 – $900

Automatic Monthly Payments – $160/month

Full Value – $1050

Email Dana with questions and to register –

Testimonials from Intention Setting Workshop

I participated in the Intention Setting workshop in December 2017. Dana is an excellent facilitator and moderator, bringing individualized attention to each participant while at the same time creating a dynamic group experience. I got a lot out of the intention setting, and surprised myself with some of the insights that came out of the work. It was very meaningful, and well worth the investment of both time and money. I highly recommend it!

– Kara N.

In order to bring closure to the year, and to reflect upon what had passed in the last 12 months, I signed up to take the winter intention-setting workshop at Bayou Bliss Yoga. With gentle guidance using different activities and processes, Dana helped me take the time to release and renew, and to find my way forward into the new year with deliberate purpose. And now, with my energy firmly connected to intentions rather than resolutions, I find I am moving into 2018 with more grace and ease than I have ever experienced before.

– Rebecca A.

I appreciated the Intention Setting workshop earlier this month , as I felt the timing was good and the need, important, for all of the participants.

Having the workshop in the holiday season, prior to resolution time, was key for me. However , because of the discoveries during the workshop , maybe it should be quarterly (seasonal?)!
It helped me find the comfort that lies in me , not outside of me. The breathe will get you through it, what ever “it” is. Reminded me of the activities I enjoy, and the importance of finding the time for them.
Reminded me that I am enough.
The incorporation of the sensation/emotion/sounds and colors was important to me in order to qualify the people/places and activities that we were asked to think/feel about.I could easily see what was truly important to me and what I do out of rote.
It allowed me to carve out  quiet time in order to reflect, receive, listen . And to give thanks for the answer.
– Vikki D

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