Oct – Weekend of Chanting with Ian Boccio


                      The Foundations of Mantra – Oct 21st
Session One: 11 am to 2 pm
Session Two: 3 pm to 6 pm

Cost with discount: $72
Cost after Oct 7: $90

In this 6 hour workshop we will learn the fundamental techniques of mantra meditation as a personal practice for consciousness expansion. This course moves fluidly between both Hindu and Buddhist philosophies, giving equal importance to both. Topics will include:

• What is a mantra?
• The importance of correct pronunciation.
• Counting with the mala.
• Preparations for practice.
• Deities and how to relate to them.
• How mantras interact with the chakra system.

We will learn and chant a variety of root mantras for deities and bodhisattvas, at least 6, more if we have time.

Book Workshop

Mantras for Healing – Oct 22nd

One Session: 11am-2pm

With discount: $54
After Oct 7: $72

This three hour workshop will help us to understand the concept of healing the energy field through the practice of mantra meditation. This workshop is based on experiences from Ian’s weekly chanting group, the Medicine Circle. Topics include:

• What is healing?
• The role of karma in our life challenges.
• How deities can help us (and why they want to).
• The importance of awareness and presence.

We will learn and practice healing mantras that connect to the Medicine Buddha, White Tara, Shiva (in his Mrtyunjaya aspect), and Dhanvantari

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Using his sonorous voice and a variety of musical instruments, Ian Boccio serves as a channel for the energy of group mantra chanting events. He has been a professional musician for more than 20 years and has a Master of Fine Arts degree in abstract oil painting. Ian began his mantra yoga practice in 2005 and continues to steep himself in both the esoteric philosophies of the discipline and the everyday applications of these potent energies. He is also a chant leader in the Atlanta-based kirtan group, Blue Spirit Wheel, and the Creative Director of the ChantLanta Sacred Music Festival. Please visit www.bluespiritwheel.com
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