AnatomySense Workshop with Michael Lane

September 2

AnatomySense Workshop

Experience yourSelf with a greater sense of freedom, intelligence, and strength. When you’re in pain or ruled by fear of injury, your zest for life is limited. I want to ignite your curiosity and open you to really knowing what is best for your unique body. Through gathering together and having a shared experience, we build community and support one another on the path of learning.


The AnatomySense workshops are designed for everyone, not just yoga teachers. I encounter yoga students and patients who would love to know more about what is actually happening in their body when they practice yoga and other forms of movement, but are not necessarily interested in a full teacher training. These workshops are a wonderful way to learn the basics of anatomy, touch, and functional movement. My viewpoint comes from the realm of chiropractic where the balance of mobility and stability is paramount. My main intention is for you to feel yourself, fully present and engaged as you move and feel. I want you to feel empowered through applied knowledge, so that you know what is best for your body. We will cover therapeutic and functional movement patterns from your feet all the way up to your head. Proper movement is rooted in a dynamic understanding of anatomy. Learning to move with awareness and understanding mitigates and even eliminates pain in the body. Each day will include both lecture and experiential clinics to help you make Sense of Anatomy – “AnatomySense”.


Michael LaneIn elementary and high school I struggled because the traditional method of teaching (textbook reading assignments and straight-up lectures) didn’t match my way of learning. I learn in a kinesthetic way – I need to move and feel in my body. My passion for learning and teaching began in massage school. I remember how challenging it was to use one part of my brain to memorize anatomical terms, muscles and bones, and another part of my brain/body to learn how to touch and be present with people. This was just the beginning of understanding and bridging body wisdom with knowledge.

While in Chiropractic school I brought a group of yoga students and teachers into the cadaver lab. This was a huge success, and my excitement around teaching just got deeper and deeper from there. My friend, Stacey Rosenberg, invited me to be a part of her teacher training in San Francisco. This was the beginning of AnatomySense, which has evolved over the years of collaborating with many fantastic world-class teachers.

What I love about teaching is watching people understand something they thought was very hard to learn.

Clarity, movement, and palpation (touch) seem to be the best and most digestible ways to make anatomy fun and exciting. Join me online, in a workshop or trainings so I can help you understand you more.

Date: September 2nd

Time: TBD

Investment: TBD

**Michael will be offering private sessions on Monday, September 4. Contact us for details and booking

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