The work of a Holistic Health Counselor is about health and wellness as a lifestyle. The ailments of an unhealthy lifestyle have no true cure but through the daily habits of healthy living. To have a healthy life we must live a healthy life rather than an unhealthy lifestyle with quick fix remedies. Holistic health and wellness encompasses all of the many aspects of healthy living. Dietary focus is only one important aspect of a healthy body and mind. At Bayou Bliss we will work with you to establish strong healthy habits in many aspects of self care helping you to find balance and strength on your path with a healthy body and mind.Book an appointment today.

You are what you eat.In your individually customized Health Coaching Program you will receive nutritional guidance to help you better understand what foods best serve your body. Through regularly scheduled one on one discussions with your Health Coach you will learn about new foods, spices, condiments and recipes that make eating healthy tasty and inviting. With the support of your Health Coach you will become better equipped to maintain healthy eating habits for you and your family in your busy lives. Meal planning, easy cooking tips, and time saving shopping strategies allow your healthy meals to be simple and affordable giving you more energy, time and money to enjoy the rest of your life.  

Guidance, motivation, and support.

Sometimes you know what you need to do and just need a little modivation. Sometimes you have no idea what you need to do to get yourself in shape, in balance, or just in better health. Not knowing or knowing doesn’t put you in the advantage but knowing when to find motivation and guidance absolutely is the advantage. Our team at Bayou Bliss Yoga, including your Personal Certified Holistic Health Coach, is dedicated to staying motivated to offer you the guidance and support so that you are capable and accountable for your own personal health and wellness goals. Whether it is weight management, needing better understanding on how to feed a family, or just living on your own for the first time and needing to learn how to cook for yourself we will be a solid guidance and support system for developing and maintaining the habits of healthy living.



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