Jacinta Brondgeest


Jacinta Brondgeest is a sound healer (National Sound Healers Association), an ordained Minister (IMM) and a Billboard charting music artist and DJ.

She expanded her musical pursuits into the metaphysical healing realms. In 2009 she began merging two lifelong passions, music and healing into vibrational medicine. Jacinta completed a Ministerial Bachelors Metaphysical degree and several courses in energy healing. As a student of Jonathan Goldman and Eileen McKusick, she offers Vocal Toning Meditations and Treatments, Biofield Tuning and Sound Healing concert events. Jacinta is an ordained Minister with the International Metaphysics Ministry offering Divine service.

Vocal toning with intention is a powerfully transformative process. When we tone with intention, we entrain our whole beings to resonate with the intention set. Everything is in a state of vibration, including our physical bodies, our thoughts and our feelings. Our vocal tones become energetic carrier waves that our prayers and intentions literally ride upon, awakening the Divine intelligence within us, prompting the transformation desired through entrainment. The sacred sounds we create, perfectly and uniquely resonate with our physical body and etheric energy, because our unique vibration fits our unique being. Toning is not singing. It is a simple, accessible, profoundly powerful and yet mostly overlooked practice. It promotes deep relaxation, gently transforming chaos and distortion restoring coherent energy flow. This in itself reactivates the natural healing process. There are many accounts of vocal toning restoring health spontaneously. This is sonic alchemy at it’s finest!

Service Offering: Toning Meditation

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