Breath Practice

Have you ever held your breath when things got tough?
Have you ever breathed a huge sigh of relief?
That is no coincidence… as your breath flows, so goes your life.

Integrative Breathwork can bring back the natural, full breath you enjoyed as a child. Each 45-minute practice will help you let go of restrictive breathing patterns, so that you can learn to breathe more deeply throughout your daily life. Deeper breath means more oxygen to all of the cells in your body. More oxygen means better health and more enjoyment of all that life has to offer.

Group Breath Sessions

A few times a month we offer a group breath session. It is an easy way to learn more about breathwork, learn the practice, and meet a community committed to breathing in all that life has to offer. A half hour is set aside for introduction and to answer any questions you might have. If you are a regular breather feel free to come 30 minutes after class start time. Click the class schedule to sign up today.

Breath Class

Sunday, June 25th 4:30pm (Intro) 5pm-6pm (full session)

Sunday, July 9th 4:30pm (Intro) 5pm-6pm (full session)

Sunday, August 27th 4:30pm (Intro) 5pm-6pm (full session)

Your Own Breath Session
Personal coaching to shift stagnate patterns, plus a full breath session. Recommended for anyone who is new to  integrative breathwork, this session gives you step-by-step individualized attention to meet your specific needs. Offered at a time and place convenient to you. A standard-length session is 1.5 hours, but can be adjusted to meet your needs.

30 minute breath break | $45
90 minute  session | $126
5 session package | $108/session
10 session package | $96/session

Book Dana for a Private Session!




Integrative Breathwork Training
Do you LOVE breathwork and want to learn how to make it your own personal tool? Do you want to share breathwork with others? We have developed a two year training program, in accordance to the Breathwork Alliance standards, that will give you the tools, skills and experience to confidence cultivate your own breathwork practice and share integrative breathwork with others.  Click Here to get all the details!


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