Breathe With Dana In The Red Rocks THIS Spring!

Blissful Breathers,

I have been busy planning the Sedona breathwork retreat. It is going to be AMAZING! I adore Sedona, and I love doing breathwork there, so I am really excited to share it all of it with you. The retreat is going to be full of fun, nature, insight, self reflection and of course breath. Sedona just has a different energy, and what I see is that it makes it easier to do work that feels hard. Clients tell me that the hardest part of breathwork is letting go of hurt, and pain. The pace of daily modern life often does not leave enough time or space to cultivate the courage to see the difficult emotions. The energy in Sedona really just makes it easier to let go and the retreat environment gives you the space and support to cultivate the courage you need to face the ‘hard’ stuff.  2017 is flying by, so take some time in a place that will help you easily let go of the things that are keeping you from living your fullest life.
let it go, heal and connect to yourself

For those of you who are new to breath work this retreat is geared towards giving you the experience, knowledge and understanding to cultivate a 15 minute home breath practice. I have found my short breath practice to be one of the most impactful tools of transformation in my life.


We have linked all the information down below, including some lodging information. I can’t wait for our Blissful Travels!

Breath Retreat Info


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