Announcing new Rising Strong™ dates!

Make plans now to participate in the Rising Strong™ program in 2017!

As you make your way through the end of the year with the hustle and bustle busy-ness of the holidays, there is an increased likelihood of being exposed to people in social situations and family gatherings that will challenge your ability to maintain healthy, clean boundaries and inner peace.  As Ram Dass so astutely observed,

“If you think you are enlightened, go spend a week with your family.”

Rising Strong™ is a six week program based on the teachings of Brené Brown that lays the foundation for relating more authentically to the people in your life.  Specifically, you are taught the skills to:


  • Recognize when you are hooked by an emotion
  • Get curious about the emotion and notice your response to it
  • Observe the story you’re compelled to make up to give meaning to what is happening
  • “Rumble” with the narrative to deepen self-awareness
  • Live BIG with Boundaries, Integrity and Generosity
  • Discover the wisdom and meaning underneath the initial “hook” and created story
  • Intervene on your own behalf to write an ending that creates the kind of life and relationships you’ve always dreamed of

Classes are limited to seven participants each so pick your date and reserve your spot now! Click here to head over to our events page, and see which section works best for you