Half Day of Bliss $150 (value $225)
Get the full experience of Bayou Bliss with the Half Day of Bliss Package.  A private yoga class will open the body and relax the mind allowing you to let go of your worries and stresses. After working the body a bit you will find your moment of peace through a guided meditation. After that you can enjoy a healthy snack that will energize and nourish your body. And finally our massage therapist will smooth out any remaining tension and allow you to completely relax and enjoy your Bliss!
60 min Yoga Private
30 min Meditation
Healthy Snack
60 min Massage

Taste of Bliss $150
It is like an Indian food buffet, you can’t just get one thing, you really want to TRY IT ALL. We put together a Taste of Bliss so you could experience just a little bit of all that we do.
30min Yoga Private
30min Massage
30min Breath Class
30min Meditation

Blissful Athlete $140 (value $180)
Recover is part of every training plan. Recovery allows the body to rebuild, strengthen and be ready to take it to the next level. Let the team at Bayou Bliss help you make maximize your recovery plan. 60min Yoga private will target the key areas you need to stretch and open, and will also give you key instructions for getting the most out of your stretch time. Our massages therapists will work out any remaining kinks and tight spots. You will leave the bungalow fully relaxed and ready to take on tomorrow’s challenge.
60 min Yoga Stretch
60 min Sports Massage

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