Special Sound Meditation with Daniel Brower


July at 11th at 7:30pm

We are so excited to announce that Daniel Brower, the founder of Circle of Sound, will be leading July’s sound meditation. We are honored to have him this space during his visit in Houston!

After his invested journey of the crystal bowls, filling his body, mind and soul with the knowledge of his travels, the Circles of Sound were formed in more than thirty-five countries, in more than 200 sites around the world, and the Circles keep growing!  Dedicated to the journey and the idea of elevating the Vibration of the Whole by means of uniting as many people as possible in consciousness and amplifying the power of this united consciousness with the sounds of the crystal bowls.

To learn more about Daniel and the Circle of Sound Click Here

Date: Tuesday July 11th

Time: 7:30pm

Investment: Suggested donation $20

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