April – Puja with Ian Boccio


April 21st, 7:30pm

Mantra Chant with Ian Boccio

By donation, pay what you can afford!
Join us for an event that is both a celebration of the harmonious flow of energy in the universe and a deep dive into those places inside of ourselves where discordant energies block us from experiencing that harmonious flow. Puja is the name given in Sanskrit for rituals that are designed to connect to aspects of higher consciousness, using the collaborative energy of group chanting and ceremonial activity. The Puja we will be chanting the Mahaganapati and Mahalakshmi mantras, which are shlokas of four lines each. We will chant together in unison, rather than call-and-response, which will keep everyone participating directly the whole time. I’ll have more to say about this tomorrow night! Prema!.
Participants may also bring one small, waterproof object (crystal, piece of jewelry, another small murti, etc.) to place in the bath, which will be purified and charged by the energies of the Puja.

Time: 7:30pm

Investment: Donation

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