June 2017 – Elevate Your Vibration


June 10th & 11th, 1pm-8pm

Elevate Your Vibration with Breathwork and Sound

Do you ever feel like you are just stuck?
Is it hard to let go or change things that just don’t work for you?
Join us for our Elevate Your Vibration weekend.

We all come from vibration and return to vibration….so come let go of the pieces that are holding you back from experiencing ALL that life has to offer you, experience ALL that you are meant to be, express and create in this world!

During the course of the weekend you will learn tools and experience breathwork techniques that help you let go, surrender and experience more.

The weekend will include:
Sound meditation – with the constant chatter around us and inside our head, it can be hard to hear your intuition or True Self. Sound meditation is a wonderful way to ‘practice’ listening. The better you get the easier it become to hear your True Self. It is often a very accessible form of meditation more many people.
Toning exercises – many of the ways we hold back in life is by not speaking or expressing. Toning exercises physically open up the vocal cords so you get used to making sound and energetically open you up to expressing more from your Higher Self.
Mirror breathing – despite the current selfie culture, many of use do not take the time to truly appreciate ourselves and fully accept ourselves and the perfection of who we are just as we are. This breath technique usually result in more self – love, acceptance and appreciation
Infinity breath – a breath technique that allows you to connect more fully to what is eternal and TRUE

*At least one previous breathwork session required to take this course. Please contact Dana or Bayou Bliss Yoga staff for questions and more information.

Date: June 10th & 11th

Time: 1pm-8pm

Investment:$333- lunch will be included both days

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