Breath Practice Sessions


Group Breath Practice Sessions

Integrative Breathwork Practice can bring back the natural, full breath you enjoyed as a child. Each 45-minute practice will help you let go of restrictive breathing patterns, so that you can learn to breathe more deeply throughout your daily life.

A once a month we offer a group breath session. It is an easy way to learn more about breathwork, learn the practice and meet a community committed to breathing in all that life has to offer. A half our is set aside for introduction, and to answer any questions you might have; if you are a regular breather feel free to come 30 minutes after class start time.

Breath Class Schedule


Sunday, March 26th 4:30pm (Intro) 5pm-6pm (full session)

Sunday, April 30th 4:30pm (Intro) 5pm-6pm (full session)

Sunday, May 28th 4:30pm (Intro) 5pm-6pm (full session)

Sunday, June 25th 4:30pm (Intro) 5pm-6pm (full session)

Sunday, July 9th 4:30pm (Intro) 5pm-6pm (full session)

Sunday, August 27th 4:30pm (Intro) 5pm-6pm (full session)

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