Oct – Mantra Yoga Intensive with Ian Boccio


October 20,21st & 22nd

Mantra Yoga Intensive Workshop
Join us for a weekend of chanting, meditation, lectures and practical experience with Mantra Yoga, the most ancient spiritual path from India! Over the course of this Intensive, students will learn everything they need to know to create and maintain a daily mantra practice for physical, mental and emotional health, prosperity, wisdom and realization of one’s true life purpose. This course emphasizes the simplicity and practical benefits of daily mantra repetitions. The principles and techniques are accessible, easy to do, and make a valuable addition to any asana and/or meditation practice.

Topics covered in this course include:

Session 1 — Friday 7-10pm – Working with Mantras — introduction to Sanskrit pronunciation, mala types and use, daily practice preparations and techniques.

Session 2 — Saturday 10am- 1pm — Mantras of the Deities — understanding deity vibrations, the role of mythology, mantras for Ganesha, Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Durga and Shiva.

Session 3 — Saturday 2-5pm — Philosophy and Background — shakti, the chakras and nadis, seed syllables/bija mantras, theories about how and why mantra yoga works.

Session 4 — Sunday 1-4pm — Advanced Sadhana — the gayatri and mrtyunjaya mantras, deeper levels of mantra practice and achieving long-term goals.

Investment: $153 if purchased before Sept 30, $207

Investment: $153 if purchased before Sept 30, $207


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Using his sonorous voice and a variety of musical instruments, Ian Boccio serves as a channel for the energy of group mantra chanting events. He has been a professional musician for more than 20 years and has a Master of Fine Arts degree in abstract oil painting. Ian began his mantra yoga practice in 2005 and continues to steep himself in both the esoteric philosophies of the discipline and the everyday applications of these potent energies. He is also a chant leader in the Atlanta-based kirtan group, Blue Spirit Wheel, and the Creative Director of the ChantLanta Sacred Music Festival. Please visit www.bluespiritwheel.com
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