Joseph Ayaz will be leading a Beltane meditation on Thursday, May 4th @ 7:30pm. This traditionally is a time to celebrate the season fertility and is also the half way mark between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.

We are so delighted to have created a wonderful community for meditation. Each Tuesday evening starting at 7:30pm of each month we highlight a different form of meditation. Check out below for more information on each meditation

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Guided Meditation with Joseph Ayaz

First Tuesday of the Month

The first Tuesday (One Thursday) of every month Joseph Ayaz will be guiding a meditation!


May 2nd – Meeting at the Rothko Chapel for a meditative live concert 

June 6th

July 4th

August 1st

Meditation is a key to finding your true self and our place in the Universe. In these sessions we will explore practices from Sufi and other contemplative traditions that work with breath, energy and consciousness. No experience necessary—just a desire to explore inner space and the vast reaches of the cosmos .

*Bring a favorite meditation cushion or bench if you have one; stigma-free chairs are available

Sound Meditation with Dana Shamas

Second Tuesday of the Month

On the second Tuesday of the month Dana Shamas leads a sound meditationusing the angelic sounds of the Crystal Bowls and the miraculous Tuning Forks. “Sound and music can be powerful tools in the healing process. They can be utilized as as an adjunct to traditional and alternative health care procedures and treatments. In all situations they can certainly be used as a pleasant addition to any form of practice.

Our body is a musical instrument. When the instrument is not tuned properly, a state of dis-ease or imbalance occurs.  Each cell in our body is genetically programmed to maintain its own health and well-being. During the course of our life many emotional, mental, spiritual, and environmental factors interfere with this state.

Toning Meditation with Jacinta Brondgeest

Third Tuesday of the Month

Each month, a vocal toning program is created for empowering our intentions and harmonizing our lives with the rhythms and seasons of our community, our planet and our cosmic home. Often included are prescriptive Sanskrit Mantras, Buddhist Chants and other sacred incantations realized by our ancient ancestors. These bring us into resonance with the unified field, reconnecting and realigning us with our Divine Mind, Cosmic Consciousness and It’s timeless wisdom.

**Please note that toning is not singing and all voices are lovingly welcome.

Jacinta Brondgeest is a sound healer (National Sound Healers Association), an ordained Minister (IMM) and a Billboard charting music artist and DJ.

Resiliency Meditation with Stephanie Thomas

Fourth Tuesday of the Month

We all have an inner wise woman or wise man who we can access for spiritual well-being and guidance. These meditations will help you find your wise person to support you as you build resilience, reduce and relieve stress and tension, and create a more peaceful space within. This class will support your meditation practice with compassion while covering some basics: positioning your body, getting grounded, and noticing your breath. Using these practices, you will learn to deepen your relaxation, adapt better when stress arises, strengthen your connection to your divine self and others, and approach life with greater ease and joy.

Shambhala Houston

Join Beth Arlington As She Leads Our Third Tuesday Night Meditation In January!

Meets up to practice on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month beginning at 7 pm with sitting and walking meditation then a book (chapter) reading and discussion at 8 pm

Shambhala is a global community of people inspired by the principle that every human being has a fundamental nature of basic goodness. This nature, our innate wisdom, can be developed so that it benefits our own lives and helps meet the many challenges facing the world.

The global Shambhala community is organized on the principle of a classical mandala, an energetic pattern of relationships radiating out from a central organizing principle. In Shambhala, the central organizing principle is the Shambhala lineage and teachings. Shambhala’s international administration is headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Interested in Joining?

Meditation instruction is required if it is your first time, and is offered the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm by appointment. Email

For more information and calendar updates


Private Meditation

The  meditation program at Bayou Bliss has been created to help you clear your mind from the running around and focus it on exactly what you need.  There is now ample research that a regular meditation and mindfulness practice significantly reduces stress. Come and learn how just a few minutes can change the course of your day.
There are many different meditation practices. At Bayou Bliss we give you a diverse offering to find a practice that works for you.


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