About The OM Practice

The OM Practice

The OM Practice is a consistent practice intended to be done on a regular basis with the intention of cultivating discernment and connection. The OM Practice uses

  • Sound
  • Physical asana – focused on alignment, foundation and creating freedom in the body
  • Self reflection and awareness

It is designed to help you move with and enjoy the natural flow of life. This is a foundational practice that is intended to support you through all phases of life. The practice can be modified to meet your needs each day, yet the basic sequence of asana stays the same.

Why is it named The OM Practice?

The sound OM is a primordial sound that all life emanates from and returns to. OM itself is the cycle of life – creation – duration, death, source creation duration death return to source.

The vibration, the sound, the way it is written…every aspect of OM communicates this cycle and this teaching. Our struggles or suffering in life are a result of fighting this cycle of life.

Some of us are scared to create in this life, heaven forbid we get it wrong so we choose just not to create. We get stuck in duration…we get stuck in a rut…doing the same thing over and over…getting more frustrated and dissatisfied with our experience because we define our God given right, desire purpose to create in this life.

Some of us are scared to let go, we are fearful that resources are limited….

It is funny, as an economics major and lover of economics I can remember every time we laid out an economic principle we ALWAY wrote the assumption down – limited resources. That is the assumption every single economic principle is based on. I never thought to question it until now…after 20 years of yoga. WHAT happens to all those economic laws if we assume unlimited resources?

If we trust and know the cycle of OM the cycle of life then we know that when you let go and trust source creation will emerge. Everytime without fail

Sometimes hold on, can come forward as grief, not wanted to let go of something we love.

Sometimes it can look like control, not trusting the cycle of life and that our highest good comes forward from divine spirit, so we control the world around us…people things, events schedules, we need to make it happen.

The OM Practice is designed to help you understand this FULL cycle cultivate a deeper relationship with this cycle and life in harmony and easy with the cycle of life.

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